Summer ARTcamp 2019

2019 Summer ARTcamp
06/24/2019 08:00 AM - 08/09/2019 12:00 PM MT


Join us for  Summer ARTcamp at the ARTsmart Community Studio: Weekly camps from June 3 to August 9, 2019 for two age groups.

ARTcamp is from 8 am to noon, Monday to Friday, with an art exhibition for family and friends on Fridays at 11:15 am.
The $150.00 registration fee per ARTcamp session includes all art materials, healthy snacks, a sketchbook, and an ARTsmart t-shirt.

9 Week-Long ARTcamps for grades K-3rd and 3-6th to choose from:

June 3-7

3-D Mania (K-3rd) Instructor: Melinda Baker

Celebrate the world of space and form by learning sculptural techniques in paper, clay, wood and recycled materials.
Imaginative possibilities are given character and dimension with the embellishment of color and decoration. Artists
explore a wide variety of inspirations and individual choices are encouraged in a supportive, playful atmosphere.

June 10-14

Bookmaking & Papermaking (3-6th) Instructor: Vanessa Gonzalez

In this camp we will learn about the fundamentals of paper making, and will also create our own books in a variety
of styles. Experiment with creating fun, textured paper, and use your handmade books to tell stories, keep journals,
or compile artwork.

June 17-21

Be An Illustrator (K-3rd) Instructor:Melinda Baker

Do you love the art in story books? Do you often find yourself making up stories about your own artwork?
Book Illustrations provide a wide variety of inspiration and possibility as we play with mixed-medium techniques
to create beautiful works of art. We'll be inspired by some of our favorite artists as we explore print-making,
watercolor techniques, and fabric collage with decorated paper.

June 24-28

Pushing Boundaries (3-6th) Instructor: Vanessa Gonzalez

Experience art in a new way! In this camp we go beyond pencil and paint, and experiment with how art can
extend beyond the edges of a paper or canvas. This camp will include collaborative, large scale, and installation art.

July 8-12

Global Myths and Legends (K-3rd) Instructor: Melinda Baker

Explore your favorite stories and creatures as you create colorful imaginative drawings, paintings, collage and sculpture. 
Be inspired by origin myths from Asia, Africa, South America and beyond as you design your own fantasy creature and story.  

July 15-19

Folk Arts & Crafts (K-3rd) Instructor: Vanessa Gonzalez

Experience the ways in which different cultures create art and celebrate their worlds. Let's take a global trip as we
gather inspiration from these long held traditions.

July 22-26

Wonderful Wearable ART (3-6th) Instructor: Melinda Baker

Craft your own jewelry and wearable items within this week of innovative and playful techniques to spark your creative spirit! 
From tie-dye and batik to beads, embroidery and simple fabric painting, artists will enjoy exploring a wide variety of materials
to make unique works of art for personal use or gifts. 

July 29-August 2 FULL

The Magical World of Color (K-3rd) Instructor: Vanessa Gonzalez

A little bit science, a little bit magic, a little bit art. In this camp we go over and beyond the rainbow to explore the endless
range of color and all the enchantment and possibility it has to offer.

August 5-9

Sculpture Academy (3-6th) Instructor: Melinda Baker

An intermediate sculpture camp focused on more advanced projects and techniques.  For artists who love to create hands-on
with alternative materials such as plaster, wire and sculpey clay, this class will allow students to expand their individual ideas in
a more personal way.  Come enjoy the creative process and prepare to get messy!


This form is for registering AND paying in full with a credit card only. If you would like to use another form of payment, please call us.

Call 505 992-2787 or email smandala@artsmartnm.org if you have any questions.

In the first section, please provide your information (Parent/Guardian/Person Paying). Camper information will be collected on the next page.



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Waiver Statement:

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I consent and allow ARTsmart staff to photograph/video of my child and his/her artwork for use in ARTsmart promotional efforts and materials.

In the unlikely event of an accident requiring emergency care, ARTsmart will make every reasonable effort to contact you before medical services are given to your child. If we are unable to contact you or the listed emergency contact, the ARTsmart instructor will consent to such services for your child on your behalf based on your authorization.
I, the parent/guardian, have read the above and hereby designate the ARTsmart instructor to act on my behalf in the event of a medical emergency by authorizing hospitalization, medical attention, and/or surgery as may be required. I assume financial responsibility and hold ARTsmart harmless for any medical services provided.

If you choose NOT to check this box then you must discontinue online registration and register with a custom permission form by phone 505 992-2787 or in person at the ARTsmart Community Studio, 1201 Parkway Drive, during office hours M-F 10 am to 4 pm or by appointment.

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